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In need of more energy, better sleep and a positive outlook on life? We’ve got the answer for you!

In need of more energy, better sleep and a positive outlook on life? We’ve got the answer for you!

Get the equivalent of two hours of exercise in just 20 minutes with no post work-out pain and discomfort!

Too good to be true? Not in the least! Bring in Vasper!

If you are based in the City of London or close by, you can experience Vasper for yourself!

Vasper is a rather quirky looking piece of exercise equipment, invented by the entrepreneur Peter Wasowski in the US, who knew that desperate measures were needed to treat his own diabetes and arthritis. The name Vasper is derived from “vascular performance” as the Vasper technology is based on four principles that have been backed by science: compression technology and cooling (blood flow restriction), coupled with interval training and grounding. When all these principles are working together, the results are nothing less than extraordinary. I love it when scientifically minded people pour over the research, shut themselves into their shed or workshop and don’t come out until they have created a practical solution that is backed by the science they have immersed themselves into!

The Vasper machine looks very similar to a seated elliptical trainer that you find in most gyms, but it has additional bells and whistles. You put on some cuffs on your thighs and upper arms, and when the machine is switched on, the cuffs squeeze the affected body parts, kind of like when you are having your blood pressure taken, as they are filled with a cold liquid. The foot pedals are covered with copper plating to provide the grounding effect and you therefore train bare footed.

Using compression and cooling means that you mimic the effect of a high intensity (anaerobic) exercise without having to devote the time and effort and with no associated damage to muscles, joints and ligaments. You are effectively tricking your body that the exercise you are doing is much more intense than it actually is, resulting in the natural release of anabolic hormones such as testosterone. Forget climbing a mountain - all you need to do is use Vasper!

When you do any kind of exercise, your muscles generate lactic acid. It is the lactic acid build up that generates growth hormone production, but it also causes soreness post-work out. Vasper cools and compresses your muscles during the workout to keep the lactic acid building, tricking the body into releasing extra doses of natural growth hormones, triggering the building of muscle tissue.

At the same time, Vasper reduces your core body temperature, allowing you to work harder without sweating. Energy is not wasted on cooling you down, allowing your body to clear the lactic acid more effectively, preventing any post-workout soreness. This allows blood oxygen levels to remain high, enhancing your performance and exercise capacity, increasing your metabolic and fat burning rate.

Additionally, Vasper has a grounding system which helps normalise serotonin (one of the “happy” hormones) levels in the brain as it decreases cortisol (the “stress” hormone). When cortisol levels are high, we go into ‘fight-or-flight’ mode (making us feel like we are being chased by lions). As cortisol levels decrease, we become more calm and peaceful. This allows for a lowering of average blood sugar levels, and a deeper sleep, with the release of even more growth hormones. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

When embarking on conventional training, you are left feeling tired and sore. This often puts people off, particularly if they have not been training for some time. It feels too much like hard work! When using Vasper, you feel energised and rejuvenated after a session, alleviating your body of aches and pains. With the cooling, you don’t even break into a sweat!

Vasper is being used by NASA astronauts, both before and after space missions, with plans to even take Vasper into space! The US Military and their special forces the Navy SEALs, use it to treat post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), rehabilitate injured soldiers and to ensure peak performance. Professional Sports teams in the US as well as Olympic athletes use Vasper to enhance performance and speed up recovery. Injured sportsmen can get back on track much faster when using Vasper, which can save many a sportsman’s careers. Some hospitals and medical professionals in the US are using Vasper both as part of a preventative healthcare regime as well as part of a recovery plan for cardiac patients, improving management of type 2 diabetes and helping improve management of Parkinson's. Vasper is also being used to rejuvenate the elderly who normally would not be able to embark on any rigorous exercise regime. Vasper also triggers an endorphin release improving your mood which can help people suffering from depression.

The ultimate biohacker Dave Asprey is a religious Vasper user and it features in his Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica, California (a veritable playground for biohackers and self-improvement aficionados looking to optimise physical and mental wellbeing) and the mega star entrepreneur and life coach Tony Robbins is said to be having a special case made so that he can travel around the globe with his Vasper!

So, Vasper improves cardiovascular and respiratory performance, increases the body's natural production of anabolic (building up) hormones, improves athletic performance and endurance, and significantly improves injury healing. Who doesn’t want to reap these benefits? The Vasper system is one of a select few “forever young machines” now becoming more widely available. Imagine combining the Vasper with one or several of the other ones? Watch this space for more information on “forever young machines”!

If you are interested in finding out more about Vasper, go to, email You can experience Vasper yourself at City Point, 1 Ropemaker Street, 10th Floor, London EC2Y 9DT right by Moorgate station and literally around the corner from Fjor! Please mention Fjor when making the booking or when attending your session!

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