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New Year’s Cleanse 2018  - make 2018 your best year yet!

Join us for a 12-day Cleanse starting Sunday 21 January and ending Thursday 1 February, to help your body heal itself after the overindulgence of the holidays!


This is a simple and easy cleansing regime for healthy adults, that does not take up too much of your valuable time and which you can adapt to suit your lifestyle and individual needs.

In advance of the Cleanse, we will provide you with the following:

  • the ground rules for the Cleanse (see below), where you will be excluding certain foods and drinks and including others that you may not normally be consuming much of on a daily basis

  • a list of supplements which will support your body during the Cleanse (see below)

  • a shopping list to get you started and some recipe suggestions for the first couple of days to set you off to a good start

  • some meal planning suggestions to ease you into the Cleanse

We will add you to a WhatsApp Group especially set up for the purpose of the Cleanse and this will be the means through which we will communicating with you.

We have decided to do the Cleanse slightly differently to previous ones, focussing on minimising lectins (anti-nutrients) from the diet as lectin containing foods, particularly if not prepared properly (e.g. by soaking, sprouting, fermenting, pressure cooking etc), can have a devastating effect on our gut and therefore on our overall health and wellbeing.

As with earlier Cleanses, we will also focus on balancing blood sugar levels by cutting out sugary foods and processed carbohydrates. We’ll be wearing flash glucose monitors throughout the Cleanse and we’ll record and share our findings with you. Understanding how different foods affect our blood sugar levels is a real eye-opener.

The main objective of the Cleanse is to give your body the opportunity to “reboot”, helping it to absorb nutrients and get rid of waste products more effectively. This will assist you in combating the tired and sluggish feeling that most of us typically experience this time of year.

Look forward to unravelling a new, more vital you, ready to make all sorts of good things happen in 2018!

We will be providing recipes throughout the Cleanse and we also encourage you to share any successful recipes with the group. This will make the Cleanse much simpler and more fun to comply with!

Please note that some people may feel more tired and grumpy, experience headaches or general aches and pains during the first few days. Don’t despair, this “healing crisis” is perfectly normal and shows that your body is starting the healing process. However, if these side effects persist, speak to a medical practitioner.

- The Ground Rules -

The main objectives for the 12 day period are:

  • No Processed Foods. Avoid processed food and use whole food ingredients. We’ll show you that it does not have to be hard!

  • No Animal Protein for the initial 3-5 days. Don’t eat animal protein for the first three to five days (we are keeping this period open, depending on how you feel when cutting out animal protein) and thereafter add a small amount of fish, chicken and/or egg

  • Restrict your Drinks and wave good-bye to Caffeine and Alcohol. Don’t drink any coffee, tea or other caffeinated beverages, soft drinks, fruit juices, milk or alcohol.

  • No Sugar or Preservatives. Avoid any sugar, natural and artificial sweeteners and preservatives. A small amount of raw honey is permitted, preferably consumed late afternoon or in the evening

  • Cut out Soy and Peanuts. Don’t eat any foods containing soy and peanuts. Fermented soy products such as natto, miso and tempeh are permitted. Small amounts of health-food store brand (e.g. Clearspring), organic tamari and shoyu is permitted. No soy milk, ever, please!

  • Limit Fruit. Limit your intake of fruit to an absolute maximum of one fruit per day as the aim is to minimise exposure to lectins and blood sugar swings during the Cleanse. If you can, cut them out completely. Berries are less sweet than fruit and packed with antioxidants. Avoid very sweet, tropical fruits. Don’t drink fruit juice.

  • No Dairy. Don't consume any dairy products except butter and ghee from pastured (grass-fed) cows (after day 3-5).

  • Cut Out Refined Carbs, Grains and Pseudo-grains. Avoid all refined carbohydrates, particularly grains and pseudo-grains (e.g. amaranth, buckwheat, and quinoa) and keep your overall net carbohydrate intake low (carbohydrate less fibre). This means no rice, no pasta, no couscous, no oats, no bread (but we’ll show you how to make no-grain bread!). You get the picture. Hemp seeds, millet and sorghum. will be allowed We will provide carb alternatives so that you won’t feel like there is a part of your plate that is missing content.

  • Reduce your Intake of Starchy Vegetables. Keep your intake of starchy vegetables (underground tubers, e.g. sweet potato, celeriac, carrot, Jerusalem artichoke, beetroot) moderate to low, as the aim of the Cleanse is to balance blood sugar levels. During the first 3-5 days when no animal protein is allowed, you are allowed to have more starchy vegetables as we don’t want you to be feeling hungry! Your gut microbes will also have a feast on the resistant starches.​

  • Eat plenty of above-ground Leafy Vegetables. Low-carb does not mean low vegetable. Quite to the contrary - we are talking about net carbs (carbs less fibre). Eat as many above ground, leafy vegetables as you can source. It is mid-winter, so embrace the cabbage family of vegetables - they are high in glutamine that helps repair the lining of the gut. Cabbage also contains sulphorophane which supports the liver’s ability to excrete toxins. Fresh cabbage juice or sauerkraut is very powerful and broccoli sprouts contain masses of sulphorophane. However, if you suffer from thyroid issues, you should limit your intake of uncooked cabbage as cabbage has compounds that bind iodine in the gut. No one should for this reason be eating large quantities of raw cabbage continuously, but it is ok to do so for the duration of the Cleanse. Don’t forget artichokes, radishes, celery, fennel, lettuce, spinach, chard and watercress. Use fresh herbs liberally. Sea vegetables such as kelp and seaweed are allowed.

  • Eat Plenty of Garlic and Onion. Eating raw garlic helps speed up the process of improving your gut health, although you may be ousted by your loved ones (unless they are following the same protocol)! Note that about five percent of the population have difficulty detoxifying the sulphur compounds in raw garlic and, to an extent, other members of the onion family. If it makes you feel unwell, use less. Onions also contain quercetin, which assists in clamping down on any inflammatory processes in the gut. When cooking with garlic or onion, let it sit for 5-10 minutes after cutting as this will bring out its beneficial phytonutrients. The more you cry when cutting the onion and the more pungent the smell, the more health benefits you will derive from it!

  • Cut out Foods high in Lectins. Avoid legumes, beans, pulses, peas, potatoes, aubergine, tomatoes, peppers, chilli, cucumber and courgette, due to their high lectin content. Eat only nuts that have been soaked and/or sprouted.

  • Eat Plenty of Healthy Fats. Feast on avocado and olives. Macadamia nuts have the highest fat (and lowest carb) content out of the nuts. Use avocado oil, extra virgin coconut oil, macadamia oil, extra virgin olive oil liberally. Sauteed vegetables taste so good when covered in high quality fat. After completion of day 3-5 eat oily fish, butter and ghee (from grass fed cows). Experiment with MCT oil (see below).

  • Stay Hydrated. Drink plenty of water and herbal infusions daily.

  • Go Organic and Know what the Animals that you Eat have Eaten! To the extent possible, choose organic produce. Chicken should be pastured, eggs come from pastured hens and fish wild-caught. It is important that the animals that you eat have eaten an appropriate diet, as their diet, and state of health, is passed on to you when you eat them. Industrially farmed animals have not been given an appropriate diet and they have not lived a healthy life. Focus on quality rather than quantity. There is no point in removing lectin containing grains and vegetables from your diet if the meat and fish that you consume is full of them!

- Supplements -

Chlorella - Blue Green Algae has long been regarded as a superfood in Japan is highly protective against toxins. Chlorella boasts a high chlorophyll content, making it particularly useful for detoxification. Chlorella also contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Sun Chlorella or Joseph Mercola’s Fermented Chlorella are good brands.

Unbeknown to us, many of us are carriers of parasites in our gut. Those of us who travel a lot, particularly to more exotic locations, are at higher risk. There are a few herbal supplements that we recommend to address any parasite infections (note - they should not be used continuously, but only for a short period, e.g. during the Cleanse).

Chris Woollam’s Para-Free Plus is a simple mix of effective herbs that acts as a parasite killer and colon cleanse.

Artemisin (Doctor’s Best is a good brand) is an incredibly powerful parasite killer, having both antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties.

Berberine (Thorne Research is a good brand) is very effective for addressing small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), a very common modern-day ailment caused by the typical Western diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates. Berberine also has an amazing ability to control blood sugar and lipid metabolism and can be taken with or immediately after a meal that is high-glycemic.

As we are in the middle of the darkest part of the year, we also recommend that you supplement with Vitamin D3 (Thorne Research 5000 IU is a good brand). Vitamin D3 is vital for a number of the body’s processes and it is estimated that the majority of us are deficient in Vitamin D3, particularly during winter. Studies have also shown that Vitamin D3 deficiency increases the permeability of the gut wall.

These supplements can be sourced from The majority of them can also be found e.g. on Amazon.

Non-compulsary Supplement List:

  • Chlorella (Sun Chlorella or Marcela)

  • Para-Free Plus (Chris Woollams)

  • Artemisin (Doctor’s Best)

  • Berberine (Thorne Research)

  • Vitamin D3 (5,000 International Units, IU, per day) (Thorne Research)

- Snacks -

As a general rule, try to wean yourself off snacking. You’ll notice once you get used to eating less sugar and refined carbs, that you won’t be as reliant on snacks anymore.

If you do need a snack, try vegetables, berries, nuts (except peanuts), seeds or chocolate (with a cocoa content of 85% or higher) or MCT oil (see below).

We will supply you with some fun snack ideas during the Cleanse!

MCT Oil in the form of Pure C8 (Caprylic Acid)

Caprylic acid, or C8 (the 8-carbon chain fatty acid derived from either coconut or palm kernel oil) has potent anti-microbial properties helping you maintain a healthy gut. It reaches the brain fast, having an amazing effect on cognition!

MCT oil has a very neutral flavour and is great for suppressing cravings. Add to your favourite hot drink for the perfect snack or meal replacement.

We can source the MCT Oil by Ketosource which retails at £15.95 for a 500 ml bottle. As only small amounts are used, this will last you throughout the Cleanse and beyond. It can also be bought directly from or on Amazon.