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Join Us for a 12-day Pre-Christmas Cleanse!

Join us for a 12-day Pre-Christmas Cleanse starting Sunday 19 November and ending Thursday 30 November, ensuring that your body can better cope with the stresses it will be subjected to throughout December!

This is a simple and easy cleansing regime for healthy adults, that does no take up too much of your valuable time and which can be adapted to suit your lifestyle and individual needs.

The Basics

In advance of the Cleanse, we will provide you with the following:

  • the ground rules for the Cleanse, where you will be excluding certain foods and drinks and including others that you may not normally be consuming much of on a daily basis

  • some basic meal planning suggestions to ease you into the Cleanse

  • a shopping list to get you started and some recipe suggestions for the first couple of days to set you off to a good start

  • a list of supplements which will support your body during the Cleanse

The main purpose of the Cleanse is to recharge and restart your body, helping it to absorb nutrients and get rid of waste products more effectively. This will assist you in combating the feeling of being tired and sluggish that you may be experiencing this time of year.

Look forward to unravelling a new, more vital you!

We will be providing recipes throughout the Cleanse and we also encourage you to share any successful recipes with the group. This will make the Cleanse much simpler and more fun to comply with!

Please note that some people may feel more tired and grumpy, experience headaches or other aches and pains during the first few days. Don’t despair, this “healing crisis” is perfectly normal and shows that your body is starting the healing process. However, if these side effects persist, speak to a medical practitioner.

The Ground Rules

The main objectives for the 12 day period is to:

  • Avoid processed food and use whole food ingredients

  • Not eat animal protein for the first three to five days and thereafter add a small amount of fish, chicken and/or egg

  • Not drink any coffee, tea or other caffeinated beverages, soft drinks, fruit juices, milk or alcohol

  • Avoid any sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, soy and peanuts

  • A small amount of fruit is allowed, but limit your intake to maximum two fruits per day as the aim is to reduce blood sugar during the Cleanse. Berries are less sweet than fruit and packed with antioxidants. Avoid very sweet, tropical fruits. Don’t drink fruit juice

  • Drink plenty of water daily

  • Avoid all dairy products and refined carbohydrates, particularly grains

  • To the extent possible, choose organic produce. Chicken should be pastured (and eggs come from pastured hens) and fish wild-caught


New Horizon – New Me is an elixir that lasts for 12 days and helps support the body's natural cleansing process.

Health and vitality cannot be achieved without a healthy gut. We therefore recommend that you take:

Goldenseal Root throughout the Cleanse and preferably also a few days in advance of the commencement of the Cleanse.

Sulphorophane supports the liver’s ability to excrete toxins.

Quercetin assists in clamping down on any inflammatory processes in the gut.

Licorice root (in the form of DGL or deglycyrrhizinated) is also excellent for healing the damaged mucous membranes of the digestive system.

Vitamin D3 is vital for a number of the body’s processes and studies have shown that Vitamin D3 deficiency increases the permeability of the gut wall.

Chlorella is a blue green algae that has long been regarded as a superfood in Japan and is highly protective against toxins.

We can source these supplements for you at a 20% discount from Panacea Health and Beauty or you can buy them yourself in any well-stocked pharmacy or health food store. Please also feel free to choose the supplements from the list above that you feel are the most relevant to you. We will give you whole food alternatives to the supplements in our more detailed meal plan.

MCT Oil in the form of Pure C8 (Caprylic Acid)

Caprylic acid, or C8 (the 8-carbon chain fatty acid derived from either coconut or palm kernel oil) has potent anti-microbial properties helping you maintain a healthy gut. It reaches the brain fast, having an amazing effect on cognition!

MCT oil has a very neutral flavour and is great for suppressing cravings. Add to your favourite hot drink for the perfect snack or meal replacement.

We can source the MCT Oil which retails at £15.95 for a 500 ml bottle. As only small amounts are used, this will last you throughout the Cleanse and beyond.


Any vegetables, berries, nuts (except peanuts), seeds or chocolate with a cocoa content of 85% or higher. MCT oil.

We will supply you with some fun snack ideas during the Cleanse!

Seek medical advice, if appropriate!

You should be in good physical shape before undertaking the Pre-Christmas Cleanse. We are not medical practitioners and the Pre-Christmas Cleanse is not intended to heal or cure any medical condition. We are not licensed to diagnose, examine or treat medical conditions of any kind. We recommend that, if appropriate, you consult your healthcare practitioner in advance of embarking on the Pre-Christmas Cleanse.

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