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THE WORLD’S BIGGEST COFFEE MORNING IS TAKING PLACE TODAY  - What does cake and cancer have in common

The charity Macmillan Cancer Support has since 1990 promoted the hosting of annual coffee mornings across the country to raise funds for people faced with cancer.

The initiative is both simple and noble - anyone can host a coffee morning and raise funds for the charity.

However, there is just one fatal flaw with the concept. The coffee mornings involve the mass-consumption of cake donated by an army of earnest coffee morning hosts. Most of us have now understood that sugar is highly addictive and leaves many people metabolically challenged. It is perhaps less known that sugar is a contributor to the development of cancer and also fuels the proliferation of cancer cells.

I recently lost my parents to cancer and I spent an emotional year looking after them. I was too scared to do any research - the thought of googling the word “cancer” was just too daunting. I felt like everyone around me would succumb to this terrible disease.

By sheer stroke of luck, in the week before my mother’s passing (she was the last to go), I stumbled over a book fittingly called “Tripping over the Truth” by Travis Christofferson, an American science writer. I cannot recall how I came across the book or why I dared open it as I had been actively avoiding all literature about cancer and disease in general.

Everything changed once I started reading the book. I was no longer scared of cancer or any other degenerative condition for that matter. I understood that we are in control of our health - it was truly empowering. This led me on a journey devouring every conceivable book and research paper on modern degenerative conditions. It resulted in me packing in my 20+ years as a financial derivatives lawyer in the City and setting up a health preservation/optimisation business.

Finally, Macmillan is a brilliant charity, providing much-needed support to cancer sufferers. The coffee mornings raised an amazing £29.5 million last year, and the charity is aiming to raise even more this year. The coffee morning concept itself does however quite literally provide some food for thought!

If you are interested in preventative health care, please reach out to us! We would love to talk to you.

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