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fjor – what are we about?

We are passionate about the mitochondria, as the mitochondria are crucial to our metabolism and our overall health and vitality. The mitochondria are the power generators in our cells, ensuring that all the essential processes in our bodies function. Healthy mitochondria will result in good health. Damaged or unhealthy mitochondria result in a decline in health and energy levels, culminating in chronic disease.

As we age, our mitochondria start to decline. Sometimes the signs of mitochondrial decline will not be obvious as it is a gradual process. By implementing an appropriate regime, you can stay younger than your biological age. The sooner you start looking after your mitochondria the easier it will be to optimise your wellbeing.

With appropriate exercise and diet, your mitochondria can access the fat deposits in your body for fuel, resulting in a leaner body composition. Weight loss is not our main aim, but it comes effortlessly as a side effect once your body’s metabolism has been optimised.

We believe in allowing your body to regain homeostasis and for any regime to fully succeed, it has to provide long term, sustainable goals. We are not into quick fixes and fad diets. We want you to perform optimally, both physically and mentally.

Our preventative programmes are designed with the busy person in mind. We strive to make make our health preservation and optimisation strategies simple to follow and to comply with long-term. 

Come and join the fjor community and optimise your lifestyle and environment fjor-life!  

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