Gaining exposure to sunlight is just as important as eating a healthy diet. Using light, both natural and artificial, as a health-promoting and therapeutic tool is having a serious comeback.

We’ve got it so wrong. We spend most of our time indoors in front of computers, tablets and phones and barely any time time outdoors. If we do go out, we wear sunglasses, sunscreen and our bodies are covered with clothes, believing that we need to protect ourselves from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This is indeed true, but only to the extent that we overexpose ourselves and burn. 

Our modern approach to light - not spending enough time outdoors, too much time in front of blue-light emitting screens and with energy-saving LEDs and fluorescent light replacing broad-spectrum heat-emitting incandescent lights -

is disrupting our internal body clock and this is having serious implications on our health. Much more serious than we think.

Full-spectrum natural light supports a myriad of our bodily functions. Light is converted into electrical signals for use throughout the body. We are generating electricity by ingesting light through our eyes and our skin, power that we need in order for our body to function optimally.

The use of computers, tablets and screens 24/7 has taken this problem to a whole new level. We often stare at screens long after the sun has set, signalling to our body that it is still daytime. This is a major disrupter. Knock-on effects include sleep disorders due to reduced production of serotonin (no time spent outdoors in the morning to signal to the body that it is daytime) and melatonin (blue-light emitting screens and indoor lighting signalling that it is constant daytime). This in turn leads to cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates (our bodies are being told it is summer and we need to stock up in time for winter) resulting in weight gain and other metabolic issues.

If we understand the importance of natural light, that we need it just as much as the nutrients that we eat, then we could design homes, workspaces and other communal spaces with this in mind to promote our health and wellbeing. We should also embrace the latest consumer technologies where artificial light is used in situations where we are not getting sufficient natural light.  We can also go beyond that by harnessing the latest scientific findings and technology to provide therapeutic solutions more powerful than what nature itself can offer.

We live in exciting times where we can leverage science and technology to achieve this and there are several emerging technologies that deserve to be brought under the limelight! Raising awareness of how both good (natural or artificial light that mimics natural light) and bad (blue-light emitting screens and LEDs) light affects us is key. If we do not take action soon, our generation, and worse still, that of our children, will suffer serious health consequences.

Our modern approach to light is a contributor to chronic disease, notably metabolic conditions, including obesity and diabetes. We need to gain more awareness of the problem and take positive steps to address it. Light is something that affects us all.

It is Fjor Light's mission to:

  • Raise awareness of just how important light is to our health by campaigning to get the message across.​

  • Actively promote the emerging cutting edge technologies offering powerful therapies as well as lighting solutions for our homes, workplaces and public spaces that promote our health and wellbeing.